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Following The History Of Mixed Martial Arts

Although the sport of MMA is incredibly popular today, it had to start somewhere.  It actually originated over a decade ago which most people are surprised about because a lot of people had no idea what MMA fighting was until even just a few years ago.  Mixed Martial Arts is a sport which actually only came about a little over a decade ago.  The first UFC fight ever took place in the year 1993.

Even though the UFC did catch on right away as a popular contact sport, it was not until about the year 2003 when it really began to soar in popularity.  MMA fighting was popular almost immediately.  This was a full contact sport that people were not used to seeing and they found it interesting and exciting.  One of the first widely recognized names in the sport was Royce Gracie who was by far the biggest star in the sport from the start.

If you were studying in jiu-jitsu that is what you would use in your fights or if you were a wrestler then you would wrestle in your fights.  Today the same is not so true and instead fighters need to be skilled in all different styles of fighting if they want to stand a chance of winning.  For the MMA fights today however, fighters do not stand a chance unless they are well rounded and familiar with all the different styles of fighting.  Gracie was the definitely the star of the UFC and the first person to showcase the MMA sport.

Other members of the Gracie family are also in MMA and that includes his father Helio Gracie and his brother Carlos Gracie.  New faces began to show up as the sport became more popular, like Ken Shamrock and Matt Hughes.  The MMA today is truly unbelievable.  People get so into the UFC fight nights and even pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to go see a live event in Las Vegas or elsewhere.

In the beginning the UFC was pretty discreet and relatively unheard of, even for the first few years.  Today there are few people even in other countries who have not at least heard of MMA and the UFC.  This is how people really get their name out there and gain popularity is through the UFC fights.  The sport of MMA is more infamous than ever and its reign of popularity as a sport is expected to only continue as time goes on.

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