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Learning About Mixed Martial Arts Fighting

Mixed martial arts fighting is a style of fighting that has become extraordinarily popular and there are very few people who have not at least heard of mixed martial arts and the UFC by now.  The MMA or mixed martial arts, is a style of fighting that incorporates a number of different styles of fighting.  Unlike relying on a single style of fighting as most of these sports do such as kickboxing, boxing and kung fu, mixed martial arts fighting incorporates a bit of them all.  It introduced so many more people to the sport and helped to get it the attention it deserves.

There are a few distinct fighting styles in particular that are used in MMA.  Some of the different fighting styles included in mixed martial arts fighting are Muay Thai kickboxing, judo and wrestling.  The fighters are more skilled in mixed martial arts fighting than in other styles because rather than just focusing on a single fighting technique they are familiar with more than one if not all of them.  This makes the fights more interesting because there will be more versatility from both sides of the ring.

This is known as the octagon and there are a few rules that fighters must abide by.  In order to get a win a fighter must either knock his opponent out or cause him to tap by submission.  The basic rules are that one fighter can get a win either by knocking the other fighter out or by causing him to tap himself out due to a submission.  MMA fights are made up of three five-minute rounds and there are three judges watching each fight.

If neither fighter gets knocked out or submits, then at the end of the fight it is up to the judges to make the decision on who they thought won the fight overall.  They use statistics from the fight including how many hits each player received and who was the better defender to decide who won the fight.  Athletes in the MMA are incredibly well trained and in shape.  Fighters must have stamina just as much as physical strength and maneuverability if they want to win in an MMA fight.

Mixed martial arts fighting was pretty much unheard of just a few years ago.  It has now gained in popularity and become one of the most hyped and most talked about sports in the world.  The UFC fight nights are especially popular, viewed on Pay Per View.  It is assumed that the popularity of this sport as well as the depth of it will only continue to grow as time goes on.

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