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Women in Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts is a confusing sport for many as they either do not understand the rules, or they have never tried to study the mechanics of this game.  Previously, MMA was known as No Hold Barred, but now this term is no longer accurate as per the modern competition since there is a list of rules that inhibits certain holds.  MMA training poses whole new challenges to the body as it is different from the conventional run on the treadmill workouts.  MMA originated from ancient Greek Olympic sport pankration that combined grappling and striking.

Mixed martial arts is a game of very few rules, and all of these rules were established in last ten years.  Women in MMA compete in various formats, both on the ring and in the cage.  ReMix/L-1 tournament in Japan is one of the most famous events where women show their capabilities in free-style fighting.  Currently, women MMA is covered by International Sport Combat Federation, and this federation also establishes the weight categories and rules.

ReMix/L-1 is quite a famous tournament in Japan, which gives women a chance to prove their capabilities and strength in free-style fighting.  At present, International Sport Combat Federation covers women’s MMA, and this federation establishes MMA weight categories and rules.  Several skillful and professional MMA fighters work in Fighter Girls club which is headed by Debi Purcell, and the girls participate in MMA types of competitions.  Japanese women participated in UFC type tournament in 1993 and made history.

Though women’s MMA is now gaining popularity, it still remains outside the mainstream, and results are not published in sports pages.  In recent years, a form of MMA called reality fighting started in North American Grappler Association, and Laura D’Auguste got the women’s title.  Some women MMA players have their own website, which has the description of their stats, workout schedule and fight histories.  There are several clubs that promote female MMA matches, and some of the girls in these clubs are so strong that they compete not only with each other but also with other men.

In recent years, the organized street fights between women have become popular, and these are also taped for sale.  Though these street fights would refer to MMA, but these are still brawls without any referee and rules.   It took few years, but MMA has become officially recognized combative sport.  It is now quite unlikely that women MMA will be a banned sport.

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